Why choose a Tricolor Beagle to be the star of your ecard?

A well-loved breed, the Beagle is a small, merry, curious-minded hound. As such, the Beagle is a skilled hunter, and specializes in tracking rabbits and hare via scent. As a companion, the Beagle gets along with adults and children equally well, so long as they are given the respect they deserve. This is especially important when it comes to training; the Beagle requires a teacher with a kind but commanding presence, and plenty of positive reinforcement. Creativity is key as well, in order to keep the independent dog's attention. Looks-wise, the Beagle has floppy ears, sparkling eyes and a little, athletic body. In a nutshell, the canine is nothing short of adorable. This good-looking, amiable dog will go cutely in any e-card.

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