Why choose a Calico Cat to be the star of your ecard?

Calico is not actually a breed of cat, but instead refers to the feline's coat coloring (a mixture of orange, black and white). Interestingly enough, the Calico Cat is almost always female. This is due to genetics. A Male Calico cat is rare, and will, more often than not, be unable to reproduce. When it comes to temperament, the Calico Cat varies immensely. In general, the Calico Cat tends to be a timid, wild sort. The most notable aspect of the Calico Cat is its unique appearance and definite beauty. The most lovely Calico Cats have long, feather-soft fur, with white tummies and paws, the rest of the felines' bodies mottled with fiery orange, jet black and more pure, pristine white. Whatever the theme of your e-card, the adaptable Calico Cat is sure to fit right in.

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