Want your pet to have a chance at joining the gang at Sloppy Kiss Cards?
Upload photos of your pawsitively purr-fect pet in all three of the poses below

For the best results, and to increase your pet's chances of being chosen* follow these simple instructions:
  • take the photo in front of an uncomplicated backdrop like a white wall
  • make sure the light conditions are ideal (daylight balanced, or natural light works best)
  • include your pet's entire body
  • take the photos at your pet's level (not from above) or from further away and use a zoom lens
  • no action shots, we'll make that happen later
  • try to imitate the example photos as closely as possible
  • no outfits (no matter how cute they are!) or stuff on your pet
  • .jpg file format only
  • please keep files under 1mb

* Photos are selected based on: quality of the photos (see criteria listed above), volume of requests for the specific pet breed, and whether or not a similar breed is already available on our site.

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