Why choose a Maine Coon Cat to be the star of your ecard?

With its large size and luxuriant coat, it's no wonder that the Maine Coon has gone from near-extinction to being the second most popular cat breed. This hardy, loyal feline has remarkable looks, with thick, mane-like fur around its head, tufted ears and a long, muscular body. Known to be a devoted pet, the Maine Coon's origins are yet to be determined, though some speculate that a sea captain named 'Coon' brought the breed to the Northeastern Coast of America. There, the adaptable feline developed in the sturdy, well-built creature it is now. Regardless of anything, the Maine Coon is certainly an impressive cat, and makes a easy-going, devoted pet, with an aptitude for rat hunting. This mysterious feline is sure to go well in any e-card, boasting its wild, enviable looks.

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