Why choose a Norwegian Forest Cat to be the star of your ecard?

The Norwegian Forest Cat (true to its name) looks as if it would be quite at home stalking prey in the woods. Do not be fooled by the feline's wild appearance; The Norwegian Forest Cat is an easy-going, amiable breed. The tufted ears, plumed tail and gloriously long, soft coat of the Norwegian Cat endow it with an exotic beauty. The Norwegian Forest Cat is on the large side (10-15 pounds), and enjoys being up high (on bookshelves, draped across the table, even in trees). This suggests that the Norwegian Forest Cat does retain a touch of its past wildness, lending a unique air to the breed. Finally, the Norwegian Forest Cat is so good-natured, it is even known to get along with dogs, strangers... just about everyone. This wise, spirited feline is truly a gem, and will suit any ecard wonderfully.

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