Why choose an African Grey Parrot to be the star of your ecard?

The African Grey Parrot is a brilliant bird, and has the ability to mimic countless words and sounds. This characteristic alone has won the African Grey Parrot popularity around the world! Another incredible aspect of the African Grey Parrot is its life-span; the feathered creature can live anywhere from 50 (on average) to 75 years old. Thanks to this, the African Grey Parrot has been a life-long companion to many. The African Grey Parrot is sociable and attention-hungry by nature, and, as such, requires an immense amount of love and care. The African Grey Parrot also adores toys and treats, and won't hesitate to vocalize its feelings (sad, angry and happy) at a whim. A noisy, mischievous bird, the African Grey Parrot can mellow out with age, and even become quite affectionate in nature. This talented, funny African Grey Parrot will go well in any e-card.

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