Why choose an Australian Cattle Dog to be the star of your ecard?

The Australian Cattle Dog is tough, quick-witted and has more than its fair share of stamina. A notable trait of the Australian Cattle Dog is its tendency to closely bond with just one person. In a family, the Australian Cattle Dog will get along with everyone who treats it respectfully and kindly, but its most deep-seated loyalty goes to its chosen companion. Once the Australian Cattle Dog has picked its favorite household resident, it will attempt to spend as much time as possible with them. A highly active canine, the Australian Cattle Dog is known to nip and bite, chase prey (squirrels, birds and the like), dig holes, and generally be a nuisance. That being said, the sturdy breed has an admirable work ethic, is fiercely devoted to its loved ones, and is lots of fun to play with. The Australian Cattle Dog will do any ecard proud.

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