Why choose a Barbet to be the star of your ecard?

Bred to retrieve waterfowl, the Barbet has webbed feet. This, along with its large build, curly coat and sloping body make the Barbet an unusual and interesting breed. The Barbet has the gift of happiness, which often proves infectious to those who spend time with the canine. Nicknamed the 'mud dog,' the Barbet does indeed enjoy mud, and anything involving water, really. As far as coloring goes, the Barbet comes in black, grey, various shades of fawn, brown and white. A long-lived breed, the Barbet can provide companionship for 13 to 15 years. In a nutshell, the Barbet is an attractive, skillful canine that relishes a good swim. The Barbet will suit any e-card nicely.

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