Why choose a Black Greyhound to be the star of your ecard?

The Black Greyhound is slender, with compact muscles and long limbs. It has a sweet, alert expression, and a short, jet-black coat of fur. In essence, the Black Greyhound is a real beauty. Built for speed, the sleek creature have been widely used as racing dogs. With regards to the Black Greyhound's temperament, the canine is mild-mannered and sweet. When the Black Greyhound moves, it does so with incredible grace, and the lithe creature is truly a sight to behold. While the Black Greyhound does have bursts of energy, the dog is more of a sprinter than a long-distance runner. This means that once the Greyhound is done exercising, it will quickly become a cuddly couch-potato, and spend a few hours relaxing to renew itself. This lovely, agile canine will go in any e-card admirably.

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