Why choose a Black Standard Poodle to be the star of your ecard?

The Black Standard Poodle is the definition of sophistication. Graceful in manner, the dog boasts cotton-like, billowing fur, from which its slender muzzle protrudes like that of a fox. Its eyes are keenly intelligent, and the attentive Poodle picks up on most social cues effortlessly. Long a favorite among women for its looks and emotive, sensitive nature, the Poodle is bred in various colors and sizes; the Black Standard Version is full-sized and glamorous with a bold, ebony coat. Though somewhat proud, the Black Standard Poodle is amiable and playful at heart, always up for a good game and some quality time with family. One of the most distinct of all dogs in appearance, the Black Standard Poodle is sure to stand out in any e-card.�

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