Why choose a Black Pug to be the star of your ecard?

The Black Pug is the living definition of a big dog in a little body. The canine is self-confident and bold. Looks-wise, the Black Pug has a small, stocky build, with a squished face, wrinkly skin and short, course, black colored fur. The Black Pug's physical charm lies in its round, expressive eyes and curled tail. Considered the clown of toy breeds, the Black Pug has a great sense of humor, and isn't below goofing around to amuse (and garner attention from) its loved ones. Despite the dog's inclination to silliness, the Black Pug carries itself will dignity. This brave, if diminutive creature makes a good watchdog, as it takes defending its territory and family upon itself naturally; the comical, proud Black Pug will enliven any ecard.

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