Why choose a Brittany Spaniel to be the star of your ecard?

The Brittany Spaniel has a muscular, compact body and floppy ears. A handsome dog, the Brittany Spaniel draws compliments, and you can be sure it will enjoy the attention. A hunter at heart, the Brittany Spaniel is able to retrieve from both land and water, and is very versatile. The most notable characteristic of this breed is its hyperactive nature. Constantly raring to go on an adventure, chase birds, dig... you name it, this cheerful canine will keep you on your toes. Because of this, the Brittany Spaniel is best suited to those who can keep pace with its high activity level and sheer enthusiasm for life. Some call the Brittany Spaniel the perfect companion, while the faint of heart find the dog to be more than a handful. The Brittany Spaniel exudes excitement, and will liven up any e-card fantastically.

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