Why choose a Brussels Griffon to be the star of your ecard?

The Brussels Griffon is teeny, weighing a walloping 7-12 pounds. The rather comical looking dog boasts a walrus mustache and beard, has tiny, pointed ears, a docked tail, and a diminutive, sturdy body. The Brussels Griffon has a definite sense of humor, and even a penchant for mischief; the canine uses its intelligence to concoct all sorts of naughty deeds (unless trained otherwise). The Brussels Griffon has been called 'monkey face' due to the similarity it bears to the primate, and it is said that the dog's expressions sometimes mirror those of humans as well. Up-close and personal is the Brussels Griffon's style, and this canine is quite dependent by nature. Affectionate and even clingy, this little fellow makes an ideal companion for those who appreciate the constant company of an affectionate, if somewhat silly friend. The Brussels Griffon is a winsome, quirky dog, and will offer any e-card its own, unique flair.

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