Why choose a Bunny Rabbit to be the star of your ecard?

The Bunny Rabbit is a well-loved pet. In the wild, the primary focus of the animal is to reproduce; when domesticated, the Bunny Rabbit's personality can truly come out. In general, female Bunny Rabbits are timid and slow to trust. Males, on the other hand, are rather self-assured, and tend to be more relaxed around people. Both genders treasure fresh, sweet grass, carrots and lettuce... the fluffy little creatures graze to pass the time, as well as hop around curiously to explore their environment. Naps are also a favorite of the Bunny Rabbit. With its small, delicate body, floppy ears, liquid eyes and puff of a tail, the Bunny Rabbit is nothing short of adorable, and will fit any e-card with plenty of sweetness.

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