Why choose a Cane Corso to be the star of your ecard?

The Cane Corso is a type of Mastiff. An enormous, impressive breed, the Cane Corso outdoes its Mastiff counterparts in agility, speed, stamina and curiosity. This mild-mannered dog gets on well with those it knows, but can be fiercely protective when presented with strangers. Because of this, the Cane Corso makes a marvelous watchdog; indeed, its massive size and imposing appearance alone are enough to deter most trespassers. Compared to other kinds of Mastiffs, the Cane Corso is more responsive and willing to obey, which is a definite perk of the canine. The Cane Corso does not bark a lot, but will emit grunts and snorts fairly often... the dog also snores. This trait is endearing to many, and, overall, the Cane Corso is a magnificent, lovable creature, and will suit any e-card with pride.

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