Why choose a Chinese Crested Hairless to be the star of your ecard?

The Chinese Crested Hairless is an incredibly unique looking dog. As its name implies, it is all but devoid of hair on its dainty little self. The canine's naked body is accessorized by puffs of fur on the Chinese Crested Hairless' crest (head), plume (tail) and socks (paws). With its mottled skin tone, some find the dog rather ugly in appearance. Others cherish the breed's distinct appeal, and prize the Chinese Crested Hairless' beauty, sweet nature and total loyalty. Known as the 'stalker' of dogs, the Chinese Crested Hairless will follow its owner(s) everywhere, and even sleep snuggled up under the covers with them if permitted. Basically, this is a very unusual canine with a selfless nature and lots of love to give; the Chinese Crested Hairless will suit any e-card with style.

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