Why choose a Duck to be the star of your ecard?

The Duck is most often seen in a pond, lake, river, or other body of water, drifting along and nibbling for algae and other edible bits. The Duck is happiest when in a flock, as the ability to socialize and keep one another safe is important to the bird's emotional and physical well-being. The Duck is a cautious creature, and very vulnerable to the attacks of predators, including humans. Because of this, it is always on the look-out, ensuring that its environment is secure. Ducks, like other water birds, sometimes stand on one leg to sleep. This, along with the Duck's signature 'quack' are comical and endearing. Some opt to have Ducks as pets, and enjoy enthusiasm and devotion similar to that of a dog from them. Duck owners claim that duck eggs (unfertilized, of course) are quite delicious as well. This silly, lovely bird will suit any e-card nicely.

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