Why choose a Dutch Shepherd Dog to be the star of your ecard?

The Dutch Shepherd Dog is the most competent of the Shepherd breed, and scored the highest in agility, obedience, and so on. An exceptional guard dog, the Dutch Shepherd Dog will stop strangers in their tracks, while known guests are greeted with enthusiasm. A handsome creature, the Dutch Shepherd Dog has a regal yet goofy appearance, with a thick, coarse coat, a wicked grin and keen eyes. The Dutch Shepherd Dog's unusual ability to discriminate and reason have earned its a place as a police dog. With regards to energy levels, the Dutch Shepherd Dog is very active, and happiest with a task in front of its nose. The Dutch Shepherd's wily personality and commendable work-ethic make it an impressive creature; one that's sure to go well in any e-card!

Top Dutch Shepherd Dog Congratulations Ecards

Dutch Shepherd Dog Congratulations Ecards

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