Why choose an English Setter to be the star of your ecard?

The English Setter is an impressive dog, its large size and unique build and coloring setting it apart from the rest. Kept as a hunting partner and/or companion, the English Setter is more gentle and easy going compared to its Irish and Gordon Setter counterparts. This makes the English Setter a great pet. Another admirable trait of the English Setter is its ability to guard the home, but also become friendly to guests once introduced. Most canines are either too aggressive or too trusting when it comes to visitors and intruders, so this valuable characteristic is hard to come by! Appearance-wise, the English Setter is a beaut. Its coat is one of the most sought-after aspects of the dog. The English Setter's fur is long and straight, with feathered fringes here and there, along with spots/specks of various colors. This benevolent, lovely canine will go magnificently in any ecard.

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