Why choose a Finnish Spitz to be the star of your ecard?

The Finnish Spitz is a beautiful breed, with a short, fluffy, rust-colored coat. An endearing trait of the Finnish Spitz is its tendency to comment on just about everything. The national canine of Finland, the Finnish Spitz is prized as a skillful hunter back home, guiding its owner to large and small prey alike (even bears). Upon discovering something, the Finnish Spitz will follow it and distract it with its noise and movements. The person can easily sneak up on the animal and shoot it. With regards to the Finnish Spitz's personality, the canine matures slowly, and may take a while to regard its family as pack leaders. In the meantime, training can be difficult, and the wily Finnish Spitz is known to weasel itself out of obeying with ease. That being said, the Finnish Spitz is a talented, quick-witted creature, and will brighten any ecard with its presence.

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