Why choose a Guinea Pig to be the star of your ecard?

The Guinea Pig is stocky, giving it a chubby appearance. Its coat is quite coarse, coming in a variety of colors (brown, white, cream and black in particular). The Guinea Pig has a soft, fleshy nose, little paws, big, round ears and beady eyes. The result is a very cute animal, with a similarly endearing personality. Specifically, though the Guinea Pig can be quite timid, it makes an affectionate pet, and enjoys cuddling with those it loves and trusts. The Guinea Pig has a great deal of energy at times, and prefers lots of toys to play with, sawdust to burrow in and tunnels to explore. Emitting quiet grunts and squeaks, the Guinea Pig is a communicative and friendly creature, and will go adorably in any e-card.

Top Guinea Pig Birthday Ecards

Guinea Pig Birthday Ecards

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