Why choose a Keeshond to be the star of your ecard?

The Keeshond is known as the most beloved dog in Holland, and it's obvious why! Lively and intelligent, the Keeshond is a treat to be around. A family pet at heart, the Keeshond adores people, and longs to be included in activities. This is not a hunting or working breed, but rather one that wishes only to become friends with everyone. Because of this, the Keeshond makes a rather awful guard dog, and is more inclined to greet visitors than attempt to scare them away. Those who bring a Keeshond into their lives can expect to be showered in devotion. The Keeshond's looks are equally delightful; the little dog has a thick, fluffy coat, a mane, and a teddy bear face. The result is a loyal, affectionate and adorable canine. The Keeshond will brighten any e-card!

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