Why choose a Llama to be the star of your ecard?

The Llama is a dignified creature, appearing almost aristocratic with its demure glances and flawless posture. The result is an animal that is both impressive and humorous. Covered in thick wool like a sheep, the main difference between the species with regards to appearance is the Llama's long neck, narrow head and large, protruding ears. Llama personalities vary greatly; they are a bit prideful and moody, but generally exist tranquilly, and experience more than their fair share of curiosity. Because of this, the Llama tends to be social, approaching newcomers with caution and friendliness. Prized for its fur and alert, expressive temperament, the Llama makes an excellent pet when kept outdoors with its herd. This peaceful, quirky creature will suit any e-card with unorthodox appeal.

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