Why choose a Lop-Eared Rabbit to be the star of your ecard?

The Lop-Eared Rabbit is, first and foremost, very cute. The animal has soft, luxurious fur, glistening eyes, a puff for a tail and teeny little paws. Because of this, the Lop-Eared Rabbit has long been favored as a pet. When it comes to Lop-Eared Rabbit personality traits, there is a key difference between males and females: the former is relaxed and confident, the latter more touchy, anxious and aggressive. That being said, a Lop-Eared Rabbit of any gender can make a good companion; what's most important is forming trust. Though it is the Lop-Eared Rabbit's nature to be a bit shy and jumpy, a well-adjusted Lop-Eared Rabbit is a cuddly one. Sweet-tempered, patient and affectionate, the Lop-Eared Rabbit is a charming animal, sure to suit any ecard!

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