Why choose a Pig to be the star of your ecard?

Pigs are very smart, placing fourth after humans, primates and dolphins/whales when it comes to intelligence. This means that pigs have keener minds than dogs! Not only that, pigs are incredibly sensitive; so much so that you can hurt their feelings if you aren't careful. While the pink, hoofed creature does spend a great deal of time in the mud, this is not due to a desire to be filthy. Actually, the pig doesn't sweat, and uses puddles to cool off. The pig's snout is used to sniff out and dig up goodies from the ground, like roots and acorns. All in all, the pig is a bright, good-natured animal, with a deep connection to the outdoors and lots of love to give. The pig will go nicely in any e-card (especially humorous ones!).

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