Why choose a Red Merle Australian Shepherd to be the star of your ecard?

The Red Merle Australian Shepherd, or, Aussie, is a marvel. With its marbled red coat and athletic, compact body, the the Red Merle Australian Shepherd is certainly uncommon in its appearance. Oftentimes one of the dog's eyes will be a different color than the other, lending the Red Merle Australian an eye-catching, whimsical look. When it comes to behavior, the Red Merle Australian Shepherd is born working dog, and is most content with a task to do. In fact, the Red Merle Australian Shepherd's work ethic is impressive, and the canine has found itself functioning as a police dog, guide dog, and even takes part in search and rescue. A versatile breed, the Red Merle German Shepherd makes the perfect companion for active families, and will offer any ecard a rare sort of beauty and an alert, amiable air.

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