Why choose a Tibetan Spaniel to be the star of your ecard?

The Tibetan Spaniel is a perky dog that takes itself seriously. Hailing from Tibet (as its name implies), the little canine is an apt watchdog, and spends time scanning for danger from high up perches in the house. This has earned the Tibetan Spaniel a reputation of being cat-like. With its pushed in nose and mane-like fur about its head, the Tibetan Spaniel resembles a tiny, cute lion, and probably considers himself as such. A sensitive creature, the Tibetan Spaniel actively attempts to meet the needs of those in the household, whether it be space, snuggles, or an alert guard. This valiant breed will suit any ecard with its dignified, heart-warming nature.

Top Tibetan Spaniel Thanksgiving Ecards

Tibetan Spaniel Thanksgiving Ecards

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