Why choose a Tibetan Terrier to be the star of your ecard?

The protectors of nomadic herdsman and companions to Buddhist monks, this versatile dog has a fascinating history. Nowadays, the Tibetan Terrier makes the ideal friend. The canine is a rare combination of lively and gentle, and has a definite sense of humor to boot. Prized as a therapy dog, the Tibetan Terrier is capable of great patience and compassion. Looks-wise, the Tibetan Terrier is small, with a super long, straight coat draping over its body and face. Beneath its bangs, the Tibetan Terrier's eyes are said to sparkle cheerfully. Due to its sensitivity, the Tibetan Terrier prefers a family of older children or adult owner(s), whom it will shower in affection. A pleasant creature, the Tibetan Terrier is a real treat to be around, and is sure to go wonderfully in any e-card.

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