Why choose a Weimaraner to be the star of your ecard?

The Weimaraner is a complicated dog. Originally bred to hunt, it requires a great deal of exercise to make a content pet. Otherwise, the dog can be a bit of a handful. Stunning in appearance, the Weimaraner has a silver-gray coat and blue-gray or gray eyes. This earned the canine the nickname 'Silver Ghost.' The dog is known for its array of facial expressions, said to all but mirror those of humans. The expressive Weimaraner is especially intelligent, and prone to mischievous and even destructive deeds unless it is well-trained and are able to get its energy out. The elegance and personality of the Weimaraner make the dog a great candidate for any ecard.

Top Weimaraner Anniversary Ecards

Weimaraner Anniversary Ecards

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