Why choose a Welsh Springer Spaniel to be the star of your ecard?

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a hunting dog through and through. Able to both flush and pounce prey, this stealthy creature has a great desire to be of help. The Welsh Springer Spaniel is sturdily built, with a lovely dark red and white coat and a (generally) benevolent expression on its face. Well-loved for over 200 years, this talented, attractive dog is kept as a companion by many. The Welsh Springer Spaniel is high-energy, eager to please, enthusiastic and has a bit of an independent streak. It craves the attention of its family, and people time is very important to the Welsh Springer Spaniel. In a nutshell, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is a amusing, cooperative and comely dog... one sure to go fantastically in any ecard!

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