Why choose a Whippet to be the star of your ecard?

The Whippet's svelte, graceful body can be deceiving in its delicate appearance; the dog is a born athlete and built for speed. When it comes to the canine's temperament, the Whippet is prone to shyness, though as a hunter it chases prey with fearless abandon. Its mottled coat is thin and sleek, further enhancing the Whippet's running ability. A perk of the Whippet is the fact that it rarely barks. This may not make it a very good guard dog, but the natural quietness of the breed is oft considered a blessing in the home. Since the Whippet is an energetic canine, it needs daily exercise and time to romp about. All in all, the Whippet is a soft-hearted, agile creature, and will suit any ecard.

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