Why choose a White Swiss Shepherd to be the star of your ecard?

The White Swiss Shepherd looks exactly like the better-known German Shepherd, except, of course, for its snow white fur. This color gives the dog a gentler, more innocent look, but the White Swiss Shepherd is just as fearless as its other Shepherd counterparts. The White Swiss Shepherd would not think twice before giving its life to protect those of its loved ones. This is a faithful, friendly dog, but around strangers it can be quite wary, and even ferocious in the face of danger. One of the most valued aspects of the White Swiss Shepherd is its ability to be trained; this dog picks up on various cues, and is happy to follow through with tasks. A handsome, keen-minded breed with an admirable work ethic, the prettily-hued White Swiss Shepherd will offer any ecard its own distinct flair.

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