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  • I just received my renewal notice and I want to say THANK YOU! I stumbled on your website about a year ago looking for a way to send birthday and holiday greetings to all the dogs and customers who grace our doggie daycare/boarding facility. I recommend you to everyone! The cards are clever, funny, moving, and how neat is it that I can customize each one! Again, THANK YOU for a wonderful product. - Claire (WoofGang Doggy Daycare)

  • I have never been very good at staying in touch with the many people I care about that live miles and miles away. Because I love the sloppy kiss cards so much - and because I know so many pet lovers who would love to receive them - I am finding myself motivated to send cards and reach out to people who haven't heard from me in ages. It takes only a few seconds to send an e-card, but the appreciation at the receiving end is infinite. - Tamara (dog momma to Gromit)

  • You have a WONDERFUL product and is perfect for so many uses. Thanks for making a great product (seems to be hard to find these days). Keep up the great work. Your images are incredibly adorable and creative. I love it! - Olivia

  • Let me first thank you for the most WONDERFUL dog and cat site EVER! Keep up the excellent work, you please so many pet lovers :) - Red

  • I think Sloppy Kiss Cards are fantastic and I've gotten other people to join. I'm looking for excuses to send them out!...I could look at each one over and over...one of the cats looks exactly like my Opie. Thanks so much for this wild and wonderful idea!! - Jana

  • I am obsessed with these cards and send them all the time. I love the fact that a donation is made to a good cause as well. - Shelly

  • I simply love sending your cards...thank you so much for this wonderful service........it always brings joy to so many and it is so much fun to share the love when it comes from my four-legged daughter! - Cathy

  • What a wonderful, awesome, beautiful website!! I couldn't live without Sloppy Kiss Cards!! Everyone loves the cards! - Dee

  • Thanks for such an awesome service...it's the ONLY one I pay for! - Bree

  • Your cards are awesome -- I've sent them to everyone from my 84 year old mom to my 2 year old niece! - Ann

  • I love your site so much I make up excuses to send cards such as it's furr-ball frown day or just sending meowy wishes with furry kisses! Thank you so much for listening to your heart and starting such a worthwhile company. - Nancy

  • Thank you so much for understanding animal lovers and making such cute cards! - Renee

  • I love your site and how uplifting and fun it is. - Bridget

  • I was looking for a sympathy card the other night online and stumbled upon your website, and I am so glad that I did! I have to thank you for having such a great selection of original cards and a program that was very easy to use. I am now hooked and have told everyone about you. - Nicole

  • Your site is saving me a lot of time with regards to sending birthday cards to all of my cat clients and I thank you!! - Cynthia

  • I am in love with your site - sure is ideal for dog lovers! Can't stop using it! - Marilyn

  • I absolutely love your ecard site. My veterinarian also uses your site and sends my four pets ecards for their birthdays! You have a wonderful product. Keep up the good work! - Patricia

  • I really enjoy the Sloppy Kiss cards! Now I can add "Great customer service" to what I like about the site too! - Jenny

  • What a fantastic site, and love the fact that part of my membership goes to a very worthwhile cause! - Judy

  • Your cards are wonderful! It's the best site I've ever seen. You can be sure I'll spread the word. Thanks for developing the site. - Patti

  • In a world where it's now rare, your customer service is wonderful!!!! Especially considering you're online. I've told, and will continue to tell all my animal lover friends about your cards. I'm having fun sending them! - Linda

  • I just wanted to thank you all for a great service. My clients have been delighted with the cards when I've sent them and the site is easy to use. Well done! - Cole

  • I am so excited to watch your website grow! The new dog photos are fantastic... what a great selection we have! I love, Love, LOVE your website and use it often. Thank you so much for all that you guys do! - Teresa

  • Awesome, or should I say 'pawsome' site! - Lynn

  • Your customer service should be copied by ALL companies!!! - Judy

  • You guys are THE BEST! I have recommended your site to more people than I can count! Keep up the great work Sloppy Kiss! - Lisa

  • Not only was the site great your response is above average and greatly appreciated. You will do well with your site and in business over the years. Congratulations on good ethical and responsible business acumen. - Bill

  • I think your entire web site is amazing! My Miniature Schnauzer turns 13 this week and my vet sent me one of your cards. It was precious! - Mary

  • I appreciate that you are so caring about your customers! - Marsha

  • My cat just got a Sloppy Kiss card & I absolutely loved it. I'm a pet sitter & know all of my clients would love these cards! - Dawn

  • These cards are awesome! What a fabulous idea! Thanks for thinking of it ... I'll be using these cards a lot. - Deborah

  • I love sending Sloppy Kiss Cards and the recipients always love them too. - Kelly

  • I just used your cards for the first time. It went very well, great idea. - Jim

  • I absolutely love your e-cards and am so thrilled that I found your website. I just sent three cards and everybody loved them. - Karen

  • LOVE the cards! Great idea! - Tricia

  • Your site is adorable! - Randie

  • That was some of the best customer service I have ever been the recipient of! - Heidi

  • Quite a few of our friends move north for the summer so I've had fun sending messages with your cards.... EVERYONE just loves them! - Diane

  • Love your site and the friends I send these cards to love them. - Carol

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