Q - Why can't I upload a picture of my pet? When I click the red "upload your pet" button nothing happens.
A - It is probably an issue of browser incompatibility. The "Create Your Own ecard" feature and the option to upload your own pet requires the most recent version of Firefox, Safari or Chrome.
Q - I requested a password reset but haven't received the password reset email. What should I do?
A - The first thing to do is check your spam/junk mail folder since the password reset email could end up there. If it isn't there then contact us and ask us to reset it for you.
Q - Why was I charged an "International Fee" in addition to my membership fee?
A - Sloppy Kiss Cards is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Even though the membership fee is charged in USD, some U.S. banks charge an "International Fee" or a "Foreign Transaction Fee" because the company is located in Canada. This fee does not go to Sloppy Kiss Cards. It is a fee that the bank collects. It is usually around $0.08 - $0.40 and shows up on your statement as a separate transaction but at the same time that the membership fee is charged.
Q - How do I cancel my membership?
A - Cancel your membership here.
Q - How do I find out when my membership is scheduled to renew?
A - To find out the renewal date for your membership just sign in to your account and go to the "My Account" section. There you can view all the details related to your account.
Q - I sent an ecard but the recipient hasn't received it yet, why not?
A - If you have sent an ecard for immediate delivery the recipient should receive it within a few minutes. The two most common reasons for a recipient not receiving their email notification for their ecard are:
  1. The email address the ecard was sent to is incorrect.
  2. The email notification for the ecard went into the recipient's junk mail.
If you have confirmed that it is neither of the reasons above then we recommend that you send the link to the ecard directly to the recipient from your email account in case their email provider is for some reason temporarily blocking email from Sloppy Kiss Cards. Unfortunately, it is common for ISPs to accidentally block totally legitimate email from time to time in their effort to block all the spam that is out there. To retrieve the ecard link so you can send it to the recipient follow these directions:
  • To locate the ecard link sign in to your account and then go to the Ecard History section in the Account section.
  • Select "Get Link" for the ecard that you originally sent to the ecard recipient.
  • Copy the link and paste it in an email and send it to the intended ecard recipient.
We apologize for the inconvenience of you having to resend the ecard. Please know that we are always monitoring our email delivery to catch any issues that come up and ensure our emails reach their destination. However, any information you can bring to our attention about an ecard not being delivered is very helpful and greatly appreciated in case that particular issue has not yet been identified.
Q - Can I view the ecards I have sent?
A - Yes. To view a record of all ecards you have sent or scheduled to be sent just sign in to your account and then click the "My Account" link. You will now be in the Account section. Click "History" to see all the ecards you have sent or scheduled to be sent. You can also see which ecards have been picked up by the recipient.
Q - Do you offer gift memberships?
A - No, we do not offer gift memberships at this time.
Q - How do I edit an ecard before I send it?
A - To edit your ecard just click the Edit Card button under the preview of the ecard you have created.
Q - How do I create an ecard with two dogs, two cats or a dog and a cat in the same card?
A - We have a selection of Two Pet Ecards that allow you to select either a dog and a cat, two dogs or two cats to star in the ecard. The ecards are grouped into cat themed and dog themed so you can decide if you would like the pets of your choice to appear in a dog world or a cat world! Visit the Two Pet Ecards section.
Q - I created an ecard and now I'm clicking "send to a friend" so I can send it but it's not working. Why not?
A - The "send to a friend" link is intended for sharing the ecard once someone receives it, it does not enable you to send the ecard. Instead, provided you have signed in to your account, you should find the area where you enter the recipient's email address and instructions for sending below the ecard you have created. If you have not signed into your account yet then you will find a "sign in" button below the ecard you have created. After you sign in you will return to the ecard and find the area below the ecard with instructions on how to send the ecard.
Q - How long will it take for my ecard to be sent if I select to send it immediately?
A - After you select "Send" your ecard should send within approximately five minutes. However, during high volume card sending times (e.g. holidays) your ecard can take up to 30 minutes to be sent. You will receive a notification when your ecard has been sent.
Q - I received an ecard but I can't seem to access it. How do I retrieve my ecard?
A - In the email notification you received there should be a link to the ecard that was sent to you. Just click on the link or if the link is not enabled (some email programs disable links in emails) just copy and paste it into your web browser's address bar in order to view it. If you copy and paste it make sure not to include any extra space before or after the link.
Q - How do I update the email address associated with my membership?
A - To update your email address just sign in to your account and click the "My Account" link. There you can update all your account information including your email address.
Q - If my account expires will I get my address book info, ecard tracking data and all scheduled ecards back when I renew?
A - Yes. As soon as you renew your account, even if it's a long time after your account expired, all the information associated with your account (i.e. address book data, ecard history - sent ecards and scheduled ecards) will be available to you again.
Q - I received an email saying my membership would be automatically renewed so why has my ecard membership expired?
A - If your ecard membership has expired even though you received an email notification that it would be automatically renewed then it is because the credit card on file for your account was either expired or declined and therefore could not be charged and your membership could not be renewed. To renew your account just sign in and you will be taken to the Account section where you can provide updated credit card information and renew your ecard membership. All data related to your account (i.e. address book data, ecards sent and ecards scheduled) will be automatically restored as soon as you renew.
Q - I signed in and created an ecard but when I tried to send the ecard I had to sign in again, why is this happening?
A - In order to send ecards you must have cookies enabled for sloppykisscards.com. If cookies are not enabled then you will not be able to send an ecard. To adjust your cookies settings go to Tools > Internet Options and select the Privacy section. There you will be able to specify cookies to be allowed for sloppykisscards.com. Also, make sure that if you have any security programs running (e.g. ZoneAlarm, Norton, etc.) that they also allow cookies for sloppykisscards.com.
Q - I am trying to include a picture of my pet in an ecard but it's not working. What should I do?
A - To include a photo of your pet in an ecard you must select an "Upload Your Own Photo Ecard": dog upload photo ecards, cat upload photo ecards, and pet upload photo ecards. These ecards allow you to include your own photo in the ecard but the photo does not replace the dog or cat that stars in the ecard, unfortunately we are unable to do that at this time (wish we could!). Another option is to use our create your own ecard feature. With these ecards you can include your pets, ours or both!
Q - When I click the "preview" link to view an ecard nothing happens. Why can't I preview any ecards?
A - When you click the "preview" link the preview of the ecard will pop up. If you have any of your pop up blockers on then they may block the ecard from showing. Make sure you allow pop ups on the Sloppy Kiss Cards site both with your web browser pop up blocker and any other pop up blockers that you may have installed (e.g. Google toolbar or Yahoo toolbar).
Q - What connection speed is this site optimized for?
A - We recommend a high speed (broadband) connection.
Q - Will my membership automatically renew? If so, will I be notified before it renews?
A - You will receive a renewal reminder email 30 days before your membership is due to renew. The email will be sent to the email address associated with your account and it will include quick and easy instructions on how to cancel your membership if you do not wish to continue it. If you do not cancel then your membership will automatically renew and be charged to the payment method we have on file for your account. If you would prefer that your membership not be automatically renewed then just visit the cancel my membership page and select to have your membership not renew and your account will be set to expire at the end of your current membership year instead of renewing.
Q - What does it cost to send a Sloppy Kiss Cards ecard?
A - To send an ecard you need to become a member of Sloppy Kiss Cards. We offer a 30 day free trial and then charge an annual membership fee if you remain a member after the free trial. To find out the cost and information related to becoming a member of Sloppy Kiss Cards visit our sign-up page. We charge an annual fee so that we can remain an ad-free site. A portion of the proceeds from Sloppy Kiss Cards memberships will go to the Petfinder.com Foundation.
Q - How do I become a member of Sloppy Kiss Cards?
A - To become a member of Sloppy Kiss Cards go to the sign-up page and complete the registration form. In order for our site to be an ad-free site, we charge a small membership fee per year to send an unlimited number of ecards. However, you can take advantage of our free 30 day trial and only pay the membership fee if you remain a member after the trial is over. A portion of proceeds from memberships will go to the Petfinder.com Foundation. You will find all details about the cost of membership and what it includes on the sign-up page.
Q - I've scheduled an ecard for future delivery. What time will it be sent?
A - Your ecard will be sent out at 4:00 AM Central Time (GMT -06:00) on your scheduled delivery date.
Q - How do I cancel my membership?
A - To cancel your membership please visit the cancel my membership page. If you aren't already signed in to your account you will be prompted to sign in first. We would find it very helpful if you could include your reason for cancellation so that we can work on continuing to improve our ecard service.
Q - What browsers is this site optimized for?
A - The latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari. If you are using a different browser you may experience some problems viewing the ecards. You can download Google Chrome here or Firefox here.
Q - How do I update my credit card information?
A - Just sign into your account and then click the "My Account" link in the top right corner of the site. Once in the account section you can update your credit card information.
Q - How long are the photos for the "Upload Your Own Photo" ecards stored for?
A - If you upload a photo to be included in one of our "Upload Your Own Photo" ecards it will be stored on our site and available for viewing in the ecard you created for at least six months.
Q - I want to include a photo in one of the photo upload ecards but the file size of my photo is too big, how do I resize it?
A - In order to include a photo in one of our photo upload ecards it must be 1MB or less. There are several free tools online that make it easy to resize a photo. Here is a link to an online photo resizer along with instructions on how to use it:

  1. Go to the link above and then select 'Launch Image Resizer'
  2. Click 'Browse' and find the photo you want to resize then click 'Upload Image'
  3. You should now see your image on the left side with a bunch of resizing options above it. In the row below the 'height' and the 'enable crop' options you will see the 'original size' of your image. Below that you will see the 'Resized to (kb)' field.
  4. Now use the resizing options above your image to bring the file size down below 1MB. I would recommend reducing the image quality a bit and resizing the photo slightly (e.g. make it 85% or smaller depending how much bigger the original file is than the 1MB allowable file size). After you make your selections click 'Resize/Process'.
  5. Now you will see your resized photo at the bottom with the new file size listed above on the right next to 'Resized to (kb)'.
  6. If you are happy with the size then click 'Download Resized' and save your resized photo to your computer. If you aren't happy with it then continue to make adjustments until you get it to the right size.

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