I lost both my parents in 2009 so I was not exactly looking forward to Xmas. A friend from high school called in early Decemb  more

Jesselle has learned that when she comes in from outside she will get a treat if she stands on her stool and lifts her head.   more

Our little Corgi got a tail for Halloween. She loved it, and was waging her all back trying to make it move like our other d  more

Biscuit sitting in front of baled hay at Mayse Farm Market. Biscuit enjoyed the day and seeing all the children at the market  more

Last January 2010 my father became ill. I had to travel with my trailer from CA to NJ in some of the worst weather of the sea  more

What I’ve Learned From My Cats By Sue Resnick We, as human-Americans, think that we are so much  more

Biscuit is a yellow Lab. Biscuit came from Hoosier Kennels, and is a very loving pet. Trever, our grandson was very excited a  more

Mr. ChiChi was found on the streets as a stray. He had come in with a group of various strays. He was frightened, very thin  more

Winston was brought into the local dog shelter I was volunteering at. He had been removed from an abuser. He was matted, th  more

This is Max a 1 yr. old Rottweiller-Lab mix. Even though Max weighs in at 105 lbs. , ( and still growing!) he is becoming one  more

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