Why choose a White Shih Tzu to be the star of your ecard?

The Shih Tzu originated in China, a regal breed treasured by royalty. Its name means 'little lion,' but in all honesty, there is nothing fierce about the dewy-eyed, sweet-natured canine. A lap dog at heart, the Shih Tzu craves human contact; the little one is even known for following its owner(s) from room to room, keeping them company throughout the day. Though the Shih Tzu has naturally long, shaggy hair, many opt to give the dog a stylish trim. Due to the breed's gentle nature and small size, it makes an excellent playmate for families (though small children must be careful with the delicate canine). The Shih Tzu has an incredibly expressive face that seems to just gush emotion; it's perfect for e-cards, and will lend a heartfelt air to any of them.

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