Why choose a Fawn Pug to be the star of your ecard?

The Fawn Pug is, as its name implies, fawn colored. A toy breed, the Fawn Pug is quite small... a fact the Fawn Pug seems totally unaware of. Indeed, the Fawn Pug's innate self-assurance and courage belay its size. Because of this, the Fawn Pug can make a good watchdog, and isn't inclined to bark except to sound the alarm. A sturdily built canine, the Fawn Pug's build is compact, exhibited by its short body and squished face. This, combined with the Fawn Pug's wrinkly skin and looped tail, give it a rather comical appearance. Personality-wise, the Fawn Pug is a friendly, cheerful dog, and makes an excellent companion (which is what it was bred for). The Fawn Pug's diminutive form is just bursting with character; it will fill any ecard with life!

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